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Ms Judy Chow-Fairhall                              

BA Dip Ed Psych, Mpsych, RN, RPN

Psychologist, Registered Education Psychologist, Family Therapist

Judy is a Registered Education Psychologist in Hong Kong and Australia. She is a member of APS (Australian Psychological Society), HKPS (Hong Kong Psychological Society), ISH (International Society of Clinical Hypnosis) and VAFT (Victorian Association of Family Therapist), and is registered General and Psychiatric Nurse in Australia.

Judy has over 25 years ofexperience in assessments and therapy with children, adults, couples, families and organizations from a diversity of cultures and backgrounds. Her clinical experience has been gained from her years of working in acute psychiatric hospitals, consultation to schools(ESF and local schools), clinics for children with developmental delay,NGOsand private practice.  She has extensive experience in working with children with learning difficulties. She is also a family therapist who provides counselling services to families and couple with family and marital issues.  She has also been involved with projects to design and implement psychological services following major disasters such as bush fires and tsunami, management of critical incidents, and addictive behaviors.

Judy is the Education Psychologist and Family Therapist of Pathfinder. Her professional advices and services include:

  • Special Educational Needs and ADHD Assessments; including IQ, Behavioural and Emotional Assessments
  • Pre-School Children Development and Growth Assessments
  • Family, Couples and Parenting Problems (Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy)
  • Traumatic and Sorrow Therapy
  • Addictive Behaviour Therapy; including Gambling and Drag Addictions

Ms Emma Yu

M. SocSc Counselling, B. Biotech, Dip. TESL

Counsellor / Programme Director

Emma is a counsellor specialized in working with children and teenagers with emotional disturbance, family issues and learning difficulties. She has been trained on applying a systematic cognitive skills enhancement programme, BrainRx™, as a qualified BrainRx™ programme consultant. She is also a qualified teacher in teaching English as a second language.

Emma has years of experience in providing counselling services to children and families at children’s home and private practice. Throughout the years, she has been using counselling strategies as well as cognitive skills training to help individuals with specific learning difficulties. She also applies therapeutic play approaches; music and art in her clinical practice to children with interpersonal and developmental issues.

Emma is the Counsellor (children and youth) and Programme Director of Pathfinder. Her professional advices and services include:

  • Learning Enhancement Training (BrainRx™ Cognitive Skills Enhancement Programme)
  • Children and Youth Psychotherapy; including Play Therapy, Parents-Child Relationship Building and Resilient Therapy
  • Seminar and Workshop for students, parents or teachers in Learning Support, Parenting or Children Communication.

Ms Joanne Lam                                                      

Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy
Hong KongRegistered Occupational Therapist
(Part I)
Master of Science in Clinical Gerontology (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Member of Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association
Certified administration of Sensory Integration and Praxis Test, Sensory Integration International

 Occupational Therapist

Joanne has 8 years of working experience in Occupational Therapy Department in Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital and Castle Peak Hospital, specializing in treating children and adolescents with Developmental Delay, Learning Difficulties, Autism, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Substance Abuse, etc

Joanne is also very experienced in providing educational talk and training workshop for parents of children with special needs. She has volunteered to provide training workshop to Hong Kong Association For AD/HD and conducted fine-motor and cognitive skills assessments for adolescents with substance abuse, with the collaboration of non-government organizations.

Joanne is the Occupational Therapist of Pathfinder. Her professional advices and services include:

  • Seminar and Workshop for students, parents or teachers in Sensory Integration, Developmental Delay, Learning Difficulties, Autism, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Substance Abuse, etc


Ms Samantha Pygall



BSc. Speech Pathology and Therapeutics 1994 De Monfort University
1994 Reg.MRCSLT (U.K.) members
hip no. RC0010991
Reg. MHPC (U.K.) membership no. SL04743


Speech and Language Therapist


Having spent eleven formative years growing up in Hong Kong, Sam returned to her original roots in Nottingham, England, to complete further education.

Making the transition from the UK’s National Health Service, in 2000 Sam worked in a privately funded residential setting for language impaired students. From there the leap was to Singapore, into an international school setting - with mainstream; individual needs and special needs streaming. With Sam’s return to Hong Kong in 2002, she has continued to practice – developing her expertise in the development of communication skills when learning English as an additional language / vs. / English as a second language.

Working in the main as a paediatric therapist, she has experienced working in a variety of clinical settings – hospitals; community clinics; Primary and Secondary Mainstream and Special Schools; Hearing Impaired units; schools for emotional and behavioural difficulties; individual homes and care settings.

Sam has experience in providing small group therapy, individual therapy and the provision of therapy programmes which involves generating written programmes of speech and language work and enabling teachers / assistants / parents / helpers to carry out the program of work through training, consultation and demonstration.

In her many years of practice, Sam has gained knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas – multi sensory impairment; challenging behaviour; augmentative communication strategies; dyspraxia; learning difficulties; processing disorders; specific learning difficulties such as Autism Spectrum Disorder; Down’s Syndrome; language delay / disorder; articulatory and phonological delay / disorder. Sam is proficient in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of communication difficulties.

Ms. Queenie Tan


Early Childhood Educator / Certified Montessori Master Trainer


Queenie has been an early childhood educator professional for the past 11 years. Having completed her studies at London Montessori Centre as well as with Australian universities, her core interest is in research regarding emergent literacy and
resilience in young children.

As a qualified Montessori Directress since the 1990’s she has worked in Montessori Pre-schools overseas and has taught in various International, local and community based pre-schools in Hong Kong. Her international exposure has provided her the experience with different teaching approaches such asMontessori, Multiple Intelligences, Reggio Emilia, Enquiry and Play-based learning including Religious and Community approach.

Queenie is also actively involved in lecturing assignments and practicum supervision with various teacher training institutes and universities in Hong Kong. Being a fond advocate of home-school continuity, Ms. Queenie enjoys working closely with parents through personal consultations, conducting parent’s classes/workshops/seminars in various settings such as in kindergartens, public expos and playgroup centres.

Queenie is the Montessori Master Trainer of Pathfinder. Her professional advices and services include:

  • Montessori Early Childhood Education
  • Education workshops and seminars
  • Family and Parenting workshops and seminars

Ms. Katherine Leung 

M. (Counseling), PGD (Psychology), BA. (Psychology)

Counsellor / Programme Consultant


Katherine is a counselor specialized in working with people who have emotional disturbance and family issues, including children, teenagers, and adults.  She is a registered counselor at Australian Counseling Association and is a certified gambling counselor at Canadian Council of Professional Certification. She holds a Master in Counseling, a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, as well as a bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  Katherine advocates positive thinking.  She has rich experience in counseling and training which is especially effective in working with adolescences, adults, and parents who are facing family, emotional and personal issues.

Katherine is the Counsellor and Programme Consultant of Pathfinder.  Her professional advices and services include:

  • Children, Youth and Adult Psychotherapy
  • Individual Development and Emotional Support
  • Career Guidance
  • Counseling Service to Family and Marital issues

Ms Virginia Tsui 

B. Eng Biomedical Engineering,

Programme Specialist


Virginia is a graduate from Imperial College, University of London major in Biomedical Engineering. She is particularly interested in Neuroscience and Body & Mind Development in children. In the recent years, Virginia has been working as a volunteer with Down syndrome and Autism children during her spare time. She is innovative, cheerful and willing to help people with patience.

Virginia is a qualified BrainRx™ Trainer who thereby demonstrating a commitment to providing high quality cognitive training and has learned powerful skills that can be used to help students achieve educational and personal growth. Virginia is also a qualified NET teacher for teaching English as a Second Language.

Virginia is the Programme Specialist of Pathfinder. Her professional advices and services include:

  • Learning Enhancement Training (BrainRx™ Cognitive Skills Enhancement Programme)