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Sharings from Participants

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Ms. Leung  (Full time mother)

I am a full time mom in 30s. In order to have more understanding on my children, I have decided to take a course on children psychology. I found it very difficult as there are many professional terms to be memorised in the course. Although I wanted to give up, however Miss Emma has helped me through BrainRx and I have now feel much relax when learning the terms, this has also brought me back my faith and self confidence.


Mrs. Chan  (Mother of a daughter with special learning needs)

My daughter has special learning needs, it takes as much effort as pulling a double decker bus with bare hands when I work with her on her homework. After my daughter joined BrainRx training for 2 months, she was much more motivated on her school work as well as daily life. We used to take hours to nag her to start doing her homework but now she does not need any reminding. As a parent, it is very happy to see her improvement.


Mrs. Ng  (Mother of a grade 4 son)

My son is in grade 4, he does not like Maths and always try to find ways to hide from it. After he joined BrainRx training, Miss Ginni plays varies arithmetic games with him from easy to difficult, he now will try to tackle Maths questions which are more challenging. Also, I found his memory improved and less missing out homework.


Kristy (Grade 5)

I use the methods learned from BrainRx to help me in my homework and daily tasks and it is very useful. I used to fail many subjects but last week I got an improvement price from my English class. My mummy and teacher are very happy =) The training is so good!


Wilfred (Grade 2)

BrainRx training is very fun, I feel very happy when I pass the levels!


Jacky  (Grade 7)

After taking BrainRx class for 3 months, the textbooks seem easier to stay in my memory, e.g. years and figures from history lesson. I have also found improvement in my spelling.


Mrs. Wong  (Mother of 3 children)

I joined BrainRx with my 2 children, now we have more topics to talk about and sometimes we even play the exercise at home together. After the 4.5 months training, I found their eye-hand coordination much better and show self confidence. The happiest is when I see they are motivated to do their homework and time for tackling the homework has reduced.


Mrs. Wu (Mother of 2 children)

My son is more active after joining BrainRx, self confidence has increased. His memory and organisation skills have improved, and now more understand and clear on what he wants to do. He will now try to finish tasks that he used to find it difficult and does not give up as easily. During the training, he has learned to think more positively, faced and solved problems step by step. Miss Emma has encouraged my son and let him know that this training is beneficial to him and he does not refuse and give up.


Mr. Yuen  (Father of 8 years old daughter)

My daughter has improved in the skill and speed of her reading after joining BrainRx. In terms of speaking, she now speaks more slowly and clearly, the presentation and organisation skills have improved and she is now more active on saying out what she thinks with self confidence.

During the training, I understand more on my daughter’s weaknesses. I will now teach her with patience and give more complements to encourage her. Thank you Miss Emma and Miss Ginni’s patience during the training, my daughter is very happy and love coming to class.


Mrs. Woo (Son at International School Year 7)

Improvement is seen. Organisation skills are better, time to complete task is shorter and self-esteem is improved. Throughout the training, my son has improvement in his self-esteem. As parents, we understand more about our son’s strengths and weaknesses and learned to accommodate accordingly. Thank you very much to Ms. Emma’s professional teaching. My son has not only improvements on BrainRx training and also on his mind and emotion. Wish Pathfinder all the best and ever success!


Oscar  (Year 7 student)

When I start this program, I have very many stuffs that I forget. For example my mom taught 1+1 = 2 that later on the day or that night, I will forget it. After doing this exercise, I start to remember what my mom say and my dad says. Even when the teacher say a paragraph. I remember that sentence for a long time. In this exercise, I like to say thank you to my mom and dad and Ms. Emma.


Mr. Mak (Son at 4th grade IB curriculum)

Improvement is seen on the child. My son has more confidence and increased ability to take care of himself now. There is also improvement in his attention spend. His sense of responsibility has also improved and is able to do self reflection. During the training, my son has learnt to communicate with others more effectively. He was also encouraged to finish harder tasks instead of giving up easily. As the parents, we now understand our child’s learning style and will think from our child’s perspective, such as whether we should strengthen his Chinese or focus on other subjects.


Jonathan  (Grade 4 IB curriculum)

I wish my parents will give me strength and help me to overcome difficult tasks in the future.  


Mrs. P.D. (Mother of a year 7)

Improvements are seen from the child. I think he is taking in more from class at school as he seems to have a better idea about his homework tasks. He gets on with homework a bit better but still needs a looming deadline to focus his attention. Spelling is still poor and his handwriting untidy but he will now do a piece of writing without my assistance. He seems a bit better organised.


Alex D. (International School Year 7)

The training helped me with staying attention in class and hearing bits of important info for assignments. I enjoyed the card pattern thing and the jigsaw because I like puzzles. I talk to myself and feel myself what to do, and ask questions for me to answer.


Mrs. Tam (Mother of son at International School Year 5)

There are improvements from my son. His spelling and math processing speed have improved significantly. His self-motivation (in terms of doing homework and learning new language) has also improved. He can do his work more independently. As a parent, I learned to be more patient and understandable in dealing with my son. Special thanks to Virginia for being so patient to my son. Keep up the good work so that more kids can benefit from the program.


Gerald (International School Year 5)

I really dislike the math compute but I like the tic-tac-toe exercise. It helps me in school and I can finish my math exam now.


Mrs. So (Mother of son at International School Year 3)

There are improvements from my son. He spends less time to study his Chinese dictation now but is still forgetful sometimes. Improvements also seen in English, occasionally confuses on b and d. During the training, my son’s short term memory and observation has enhanced, although emotion still fluctuates sometimes. Overall, BrainRx program is helpful to my child.


Mrs. Chiu (Mother of two sons at International School)

My two sons participated BrainRx training, it was the first time have got them to complete a program of such a long length of time. My older son has low confidence previously but now he has taken a liking to reading and challenges himself in trying to read more difficult books. My younger son has improved academically as well as personal growth, he has improved in spelling and does not lose his temper so often.


Austin (IB School Year 3)

Thank you Miss Emma for making me improve my weaknesses, such as memory skills, thinking skills and attention span.


Charisse (IB School Year 3)   

I like the training exercises such as matching and sorting out cards. When I am gone, I will remember to keep in touch with Miss Emma and send her a sweet postcard and email. I will miss everyone in the center including Miss Emma, Miss Sandra and Miss Virginia.


Lewis (International School Year 5)

I learned a lot more in BrainRx than before. I like doing the exercise and completing the levels. It helped me get better in class.


Jake (International School Year 4)

I have improved in my writing after I completed BrainRx training. I can also finish task on time with better time management.


Mrs. Ng (Mother of son at international school)

My son has improved. He can read for longer and faster now. He has also a better concept on maths and mental maths has improved. We have also noticed that his concentration got better in out-of-school activities such as piano lessons and EQ training. Thank you Pathfinder for letting us have a better understanding of our son’s strength and weaknesses so that we can focus on those areas to improve in the future.