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Play Therapy

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Pathfinder Body & Mind Consultants is founded by a group of professionals, including psychologist, counselors, family therapist, occupational therapist and special needs educators. We are very dedicated to provide therapeutic trainings such as Play Therapy to help children with learning and emotional issues. Our mission is to provide a clear path for professionals in Hong Kong to become a play therapist.

Our Play Therapy Trainings in Hong Kong are assocaited with Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute in Canada.

The Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute is an internationally recognized professional training institute dedicated to offering relevant and experiential learning opportunities in child and play therapy. The Institute affiliated with Rocky Mountain Psychological Services, which is a child-centered, family focused treatment center. Aligned in their philosophy, both centers believe that children’s needs are best met by using specialized child therapy approaches versus adult models of therapy. Training at the institute is based on the Play Therapy Dimensions Model which is an integrated theoretical perspective that honors the inner wisdom of the child and views the therapist as a guide or companion, rather than the “problem solver”.


For more information, please visit Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute website: